TBD-UK mission statement & vision

"TBD-UK aims to strengthen UK research in the discovery and development of new drugs to eradicate tuberculosis by integrating existing and new scientists in the field, creating clear strategies and partnerships to utilise their skills and work closely with government and research funders to facilitate the research and increase awareness of the disease."


Our vision for the future is focused around the three main goals below.

  • Create a fully aligned and integrated UK TB drug discovery research infrastructure where scientists from academia industry and not for profit organisations involved with TB genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, organic, medicinal and process development chemistry, drug formulation, drug regulation and clinical expertise can work together in strategic partnerships underpinned by established technical capacity and sustainable funding  
  • Establish a strong working relationship with the UK government, policy makers and research funders to make the critical changes necessary to facilitate the scientific goals of TBD-UK to discover new TB drugs 
  •  Re-establish the UK as a world class leader in the discovery of new TB drugs so that it can make a significant and life changing contribution to the global fight against TB, working alongside global counterparts and partners.