Organisational Structure

The scientific experience and expertise in TB drug discovery, and the science behind it, come from the

TBD-UK "CORE GROUP". The group consists of thirteen scientists listed in the people section of the

web site.


These members are responsible for over seeing projects and providing the skills necessary to match new

research collaborators, not expert in the field, with the appropriate partners to advance their work.

In this way new projects are initiated, managed and directed in such a way that new models, techniques

and compounds can be developed towards finding new drugs.


Within the CORE GROUP are specialist group leaders who are responsible for coordinating scientific

expertise for the TBD-UK workshops and project collaborations.


As with any organisation its activities and strategies required coordinating and administration managed.

This is done by the TBD-UK "COORDINATING GROUP". The group consists of Professor Stephen Gillespie,

Professor Gurdyl Besra, Dr Tim McHugh and Dr Geoff Coxon.


 The diagram below show how the organisation is structured:


org structure